Lauren + Andrew

September 30, 2019

A Real Engagement Session.

Andrew and Lauren take an annual trip to Door County together over Labor Day weekend every year. They extended their travels by one day and we kicked off their yearly vacation lakeside and chasing the sunset. Door County is a place that’s already near and dear to their hearts and it makes so much sense when couples have a connection to their location.

Andrew and Lauren were able to show me their favorite places to make memories instead of the other way around adding comfort, a sense of nostalgia, a personal touch before the shoot even starts and a way for myself, the photographer, to genuinely get to know them and what they’re all about (resulting in even more amazing photos!) We knew we wanted to end their engagement session with the sunset, so we began taking pictures an hour before the sun would begin to go down.

Timing allowed us to take our time with location number one, the docks, and catch some gorgeous warm glow there. You can feel the sunlight on their faces when you look at their pictures. I suggest two outfits and commonly see an outfit that’s casual and another that’s a date night look. Lauren’s first outfit included jeans and an emerald top making her green eyes pop. Her second outfit was a yellow wrap dress with a petite floral pattern. Having a casual outfit let’s us play in ways we can’t with a dressier outfit and vice versa, so this let us create lots of versatility in their
images. They kept color in their wardrobe and that only added more personality to their session.

It was summertime in Door County, a place full of color, dreamy sunsets, docked boats with different shapes and stories, lush greenery and vibrant storefronts. They fit the space with their fun, up-for-anything personalities and choices! What a great way to start their yearly trip, adding even more memories to a place they love!

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