Menswear Tips

November 18, 2019

Article contribution from Haberdasher Co.

WHEN SHOULD THE GROOM/GROOMSMEN PLAN TO GET FITTED AND ORDER THEIR SUITS? – Ideally we prefer the measurements as soon as possible. However, if any of your groomsmen are dieting or working out and expect their size to fluctuate in the months leading up to the wedding, it’s okay to hold off a little bit. While we understand that things can get a bit hectic during wedding planning, no later than one month before the wedding for any last minute measurements, this goes for both rental suits or a suit you’re purchasing as we will need to make sure that items aren’t backordered and we can take care of any alterations before the big day.

SUIT VS. TUXEDO – This is a question many grooms are faced with, sometimes they get to make the choice, sometimes it’s made for them. If you’re trying to figure out which way to go here are some things that are important to consider. – If you need to keep the budget in mind purchasing a tuxedo will be more expensive than buying a suit. Renting a tuxedo or a suit will run about the same price. There are a lot of really unique options when you rent a tuxedo. Everything from velvet, or navy with contrasting black lapels, to subtle or not so subtle patterns, you have the ability to get really creative when renting! – The time of day and the formality of the wedding should also be taken into consideration. Will you be having an afternoon or evening wedding? Is the wedding at a park or a church? What is the length of the bridesmaid dresses? These are all things that will dictate the dress code for the groomsmen.

STYLE FOR EACH SEASON OR TYPE OF WEDDING. – A trend we’ve seen over the years is a lighter suit for the spring and summer months. (Think light grey or a bright blue) One thing we can always get behind is a dark suit no matter the season. There’s something incredibly classy about a dark navy, charcoal or a black suit. They’re timeless for a reason and will ensure that when you look back on your wedding photos you don’t automatically think “Wow, you can definitely tell that it was the 2010’s when we got married.” Of course if your heart is set on a lighter colored suit, we won’t dissuade you.

ADVICE ON RENTING VS. BUYING – Be conscious of your bridal parties budget, be open and honest with them about what they can afford. With that said, buying is a lot more reasonable than most people think. We have suits and tuxedos starting at $350, the average for renting a suit or tuxedo for a wedding or other special occasion is $185. If you wear your purchased suit more than once, you’ve already beaten the average cost of a rental suit. When you purchase a suit from us, all initial alterations are included to make sure you have the perfect fit, letting down the cuffs, nipping in the sides, shortening the pants to the right length etc. A rental suit or tuxedo cannot be tailored. Not sure if you’ll wear the suit again? Weddings, business meetings, job interviews, funerals, baptisms, and awards banquets are just a few reasons we have customers come in for a new suit.

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