Real Wedding Wednesday: Kyle and Janine

April 22, 2021

This weeks real wedding couple is Kyle and Janine. Their backyard elopement was absolutely beautiful! We spotted a funny picture of some chip clips, and knew there had to be a story…

The story of how Kyle and Janine met is a little bit silly, but definitely adorable. Kyle and his friends were having a night out in Madison, where both Janine and Kyle lived at the time. One of his friends took a magnetic chip clip (you know, like the ones you use to close up a bag of chips?) off the fridge and put it on one of the other guy’s shirts to see how long it would take for him to notice it. Well, he didn’t notice it, and they went out to a bar, chip clip (unknowingly) in tow. When they got to the bar, they realized the chip clip had come along for the ride and decided to keep the prank going, clipping each of the friends until they noticed. Janine and her girlfriends happened to be at this bar, and noticed this group of boys playing this silly game with a chip clip, and decided to join in… the rest is history! Kyle and Janine started talking, exchanged numbers, and said it instantly felt like they’d known each other for years. For the first few months, each of them was known as ‘chip clip girl’ and ‘chip clip boy’ to their friends. They ended up getting married in the backyard of their family property, chip clips included as you can see in their first looks.

Photography: Victoria Danielle | Bar: Pink Door Events | Florist: Folklore Florals | Catering: Chives

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